A Royal Affair

It has come to my attention that the Danish production company, Zentropa, are producing a movie about Queen Caroline Mathilde and her affair with Johann Struensee. It’s directed by Nikolaj Arcel, a Danish director, and is going to be in both English and Danish. In the role as Struensee, we have Mads Mikkelsen who is working on his international career, but who is already world famous in Denmark. Playing the queen is Alica Wikander, a Swedish actress and dancer.


The manuscript is based on either “Princess of the Blood” by Bodil Steensen-Leth, which I read to exhaustion as a teenager, or on “The Visit of the Royal Physician” by Per Olov Enquist. I’ve read the latter many times, and it is highly recommendable. I am not aware of whether the former is released in English.

The film is expected to premier in March 2012, so there is a wait still, but I look forward to hearing more and more about this film.



Click this link to read my post on Caroline Mathilde

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