Recent academic (mis)adventures

I’ve been busy. Ridiculously busy, and when I wasn’t busy I was too stressed out to enjoy not being busy. I love being in University, I love working with (most) of my classes, I love academic life. But this past semester, my fourth, was very nearly too much. I didn’t like my classes, and combined with a hectic work schedule, which I later revised, I was hardly able to muster up the energy to step out the door for the ten minute walk that would take me to the university buildings.

Last Friday, I attended my last exam for this semester. During the semester, I’ve wished and wished for the end, and I happily welcomed the end. I’ve sat through six exams this semester, all in the span of two weeks. That’s too many and too fast. I’ve read and read, all my many books, to prepare myself. I’m excited to see the outcome, but I’m not in any emotional distress over any of my exams. Because, come September, I’m moving to Edinburgh for a full academic year. This I cannot wait for. I’ve done everything I could, and right when I thought I had no chance, I got my offer.

So, here you have my excuse for not posting for so long. I promise I’m back now!

Here’s a picture of a Renaissance woman for no other reason than that I found it interesting

Young Moravian Girl, by John Valentine Haidt, ca. 1755–1760


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