We Are Not Amused, or Are We?


Or are we? And by we, I mean Victorians. The early days of photography saw the subjects of the photographs quite still and stern. The reason was the slow response time of the camera, which necessitated that the people being photographed sat still for a long amount of time, usually a couple of minutes. Which as anyone can tell you, can be hard.

As you can see above, sometimes Victorians failed at being quite as stern as we perhaps expect them to be. Wonderful, isn’t it?

3 comments on “We Are Not Amused, or Are We?

  1. Savannah says:

    Oh! The happy couple gave the photgrapher a headache that day, didn’t they?

    And thanks for not taking the blog down–I love the photographs!

  2. Kati says:

    Lovely. 😀 Say, where did you find these photographs? Could I use them on my own blog? Or are they copyrighted?

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