New York


We were staying in Chelsea. This was the view of our building from The High Line.

The High Line.


From The High Line.


Old train tracks at The High Line


This building was straddling The High Line. I imagine living here when the line was still operational was awesome.


View from the roof terrace at our place.


The Flatiron.


Empire State.


Grand Central and the bridge from The Avengers.


The Zodiac on the roof of Grand Central. I couldn’t find my sign.


Inside Grand Central.


The pre-entrance hall of Grand Central, used as exactly nothing.




I wonder if this is as old as it look, or if it’s just a fun decoration. Seen in Williamsburg.



Also in Williamsburg.


One of the Upper -sides seen from the park.


The other Upper -side. Still can’t remember which one.



Cute little piece of street art near The High Line.


Viewing gallery over a road I can’t remember the name of on The High Line.


From The High Line.


Katz’s Deli! We had ice cream next to it, but didn’t go inside.


This building is weird, so of course I love it.


This wasn’t the only Arc of Triumph we saw, I mean, sure, why not? Near Prospect Park.


Yeah, I accidentally instagram all over my blog. Can you tell I loved The High Line?

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