The End.

It should be clear to any regular readers of this blog (did I ever have any?) that I have neither the energy nor the interest in updating this blog these days. This is due in part to school, where I’m happily kept busy with about 2 years to go until the end of my degree, and in part by shifting interests. While I’m still interested in history and while I still read historical fiction, my interests have changed a lot and what initially kept this blog focused, is no longer that much on my mind these days.

Occassionally, I get comments on old posts and I barely have any interest in following the links WP kindly provides in the email. I think that’s a pretty clear indicator that this particular blog is no longer for me, and that perhaps longform blogging is just not in the cards while studying nursing full-time.

And mainly because of this, I’ve made the decision to officially end this blog. I might make it private so that I can keep the archive, I might keep it up so that the archive is still public but shut off comments, I might some day delete the whole thing.

Thank you so much to everyone who read and commented during the time I was active. It was fun while it lasted!