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I’m a student of English at the University of Copenhagen, a writer of fiction that is yet to be published, a proud Anglophile, history nerd, lover of literature and language, and an average 20-year old girl. I used to have a blog at Blogspot, but blogger glitched and my blog was deleted so here I am, writing my new blog.

This blog is intended as a research blog, as a motivator to get me to write on days where the words refuse to flow, and as an encouragement on the days where they won’t stop coming. However, as blogs are wont to, it’ll probably end up a big old mess. I started up my old blog in the attempt of categorising and organising my research, and thankfully I didn’t have years and years of back-catalogue to lose from Blogger’s glitching, so that is what you will mainly be seeing here.

Though I’m an anglophile and though I love all things Britain, I’ll mainly be focusing on the history of the Northern European regions of Scandinavia and Northern Germany here on this blog. The novel I am attempting to finish takes place in Renaissance Denmark, and Renaissance Denmark was a place that was supremely influenced by the German language and the Nothern German principalities.

Though my blog is new, and though I am relatively new to blogging about things that are not my life, I will hope that you will enjoy my writings and that you will drop me a comment or three, so we can have us a chat about history, writing, literature or whatever you fancy!



Artwork in the blog picture is by Emily Carrol.

19 comments on “About this blog

  1. lærke says:

    Hej Sara
    Hvor er din blog bare flot!
    virkelig grundigt arbejde, og dejligt med lidt historie-undervisning i ny og næ… 🙂
    kram lærke

  2. Pernille says:

    Hey ^.^

    Jeg studsede over kjolerne. Du har et billede, hvor man kan se, hvad de havde indenunder for at kunne bære dem. Ved du, hvad hoftehalløjet hedder? Og kjolen de har udover?

    • historiful says:

      Hej! Hoftehalløjet hedder fra fransk “pannier”, på engelsk “hoop skirt” og i modsætning til den senere krinoline holder de bredden samtidig med at de er flade for og bag. Hvis du mener kjolen de har over deres pannier men under den egentlige kjole er der blot tale om en underkjole, på engelsk “petticoat”, på fransk “jupon.”

  3. Tony Davis says:

    Check out my websites for 1000s of 19th century photographs

  4. ros says:

    You should read this newly published book if you’re a real anglophile!
    Royal Mistresses of the House of Hanova-Windsor by Susanna de Vries.

  5. […] Sara E is a Danish history buff who blogs at Historiful, having come up to date with a suite of beautifully researched and detailed posts on a wide range of subjects. We’re particularly impressed by her insights into the history of fashion and some of the images she’s managed to retrieve in the process. And yes, there is plenty of Scandi stuff there as well (that was what enticed us in the first place). […]

  6. Lois says:

    I look forward to exploring your blog!

  7. Louise R says:

    Hello Sara,
    Lovely blog. I am searching for a photo of Caroline Mathilde’s toilette service which is in the the Danish Museum of Art and Design (Kunstindustrimuseet) in Copenhagen. Since you have written about her in your blog, I was wondering if you had a photo to share.

  8. Allison says:

    Hello Sara,
    I love reading your blog. I recently saw the movie “A Royal Affair” about Caroline-Mathilde & Struensee – what an amazing, amazing story! Do you know of any books (published/translated into English) that relate to this story? The only one I am able to find is “The Royal Physician’s Visit”, but the director of the film said that 19 or so books existed on the subject. Thank you very much!

  9. Magdalena says:

    Hello, Sara, I am happy there are other history nerds who particularly like to focus on the history of women. I will be following your blog with the higherst interest. I am from Poland, maybe there is something from the history of my country you would like to learn, I’ll be happy to share some information. Keep up the good work, thank you.

  10. Jenn says:


    LOVELY photos of Princess Yvonne and Prince Alexander!
    Thought you’d enjoy 🙂

  11. melissaannelee says:

    Thanks for the Louisa Augusta history lesson! I just watched the movie About her Mother and was curious to see what her future held. Thank you! Best of luck on your book! You are a wonderful writer ! 🙂

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