My Year in Review and What’s to Come

I know WordPress just posted my generic 2012 in review but I wanted to do a slightly more personal one about what I did in 2012 and what I  want to do in 2013.

What I Did in 2012

  • Lived in a different country (Scotland) and knew myself the better after coming back
  • Re-evaluated my choice of study and career and came out on the side of nursing, a choice I’d never considered in earnest since becoming an adult
  • Began nursing school
  • Lived in a real-life grown-up apartment, not in a dorm or at home with my parents. Unfortunately, I had to leave my apartment after 6 months and am currently searching for a place to live.
  • Wrote 34 posts for this blog. Not an ideal, by far, but I have to accept that this blog is a side-project and that school comes first.
  • Finished my English degree, and happily put it away for now. I’m far more happy to have English literature and language as a hobby and an interest than as my course of study and career path.
  • Travelled outside of Europe for the first time, to New York City. I’d love to go back but uuuuuuuugh money.
  • Read 172 books out of an initial goal of a 100 for the year. I updated it to 150 eventually, but I knew I couldn’t make it to 200 so now it looks wonky.

What I Want to do in 2013

  • Write one post a month for this blog in 2013. AT LEAST. I want to keep the blog posts consistent, rather than write a million posts one week and none for the next three months.
  • Study for school more efficiently.
  • Read 100 books.
  • Find a new place to live, but preferably in January rather than, say, December.
  • Write more. Ideally, I’d set time away to write during the weekends but I am so, so bad at structuring my time.
  • Which reminds me that I need to get better at structuring ALL of my time. If anybody knows a good app or website to structure  work-time, school-time, down-time, study-time, hit me up, eh?
  • Make more lists because they really help me feel organised and on top of things and if I don’t feel that way I leave things too late and don’t bother doing them.
  • Save my money up.
  • Spend more time with my friends.
  • Get to know people in my class better and try to socialise more.
  • Eat mindfully. I’m working on unlearning some really toxic bullshit and just start listening to my body’s demands.
  • Travel to Paris again. I have half-baked plans with a friend to do this.

As for upcoming posts on this blog, I can’t say too much as I’m not actually sure. I want to post more Danish history, and continue my series on fashion, but I’d also like to expand into other interests like good tv shows and books that I’ve read.

I hope you the readers wil stay tuned and that you’ve had a great start to your year!

Here's to 2013!

Here’s to 2013!

10,001 gentlemen callers

I’ve been checking the blog stats a little obsessively these past couple of days. The reason for my obsessiveness has been the fact that the stats have crept increasingly closer to 10,000 and while it may not seem like much it is a Big Dealto this here blogger.

And here’s your prooof!


Including a portrait of the lovely Louise Augusta. I love the colouring I managed to coax fromt he usually very drab photo of the portrait.

It’s all go from here. I’ve got blog posts queued up for your enjoyment. They should start posting over the next couple of days.

In the meantime, I hope all of my readers have a lovely weekend!

The future of this blog

I don’t know what to do with this blog at the moment. It seems that during a week like the last where I’ve managed to post every day, I get the least page views. On top of that I’m not keeping up with my writing and this blog was intended to serve as a scrapbook for information I needed in my writing.

The future of this blog looks uncertain  at best. I’m considering deleting, but then again, I’ve worked hard at these posts. I’m considering simply leaving it as it is, but that feels silly. Why have a blog if you’re not going to do anything about it?

So I’m giving this blog a month and if at the end of February I’ve made a decision I’ll let you know and then proceed to either delete it or leave it alone.

That’s really all.

Concerning Government

I'll stop posting the Coat of Arms someday, but today is not that day.

I run this here blog, which focuses largely on royalty, royal life and other things connected to royal life in Denmark.

Wait, does that mean I’m a monarchist? I hope I don’t contradict myself when I say no, no, no. I’m interested in the history of monarchy and especially in the history of people affected by monarchy and double especially by the women marrying into the next-highest post in the land. I believe that to form an image of these women, especially the ones I some day fantasize writing about (we can all dream, eh) it is immensely useful to understand their time and the mode of life they married into.

To understand, or to begin to understand, women like Caroline Mathilde, Leonora Christina, Sophie Magdalene and many, many more one must form an overview of the symbols they surrounded themselves by, the politics their husbands defined (or helped to define), the bad times and the good times they lived through, the religion they practised.

There are periods of time that interest me more than others. I’m not particularly interested in the Middle Ages when it comes to the monarchy. I’m in love with the Northern Renaissance and the Reformation. I love the 18th century queens, if for nothing else, then their fashion. Yes, my love for history was kindled by historical fashion. I’ll write about these things, because, well, I like doing so.

But the modern state of Danish (now constitutional) monarchy holds little interest to me. I’ll watch a good wedding or baptism, because of the pretty, pretty jewels and clothes, but I would never, ever want them to be any more than figureheads. I’m not really conflicted about their livestyle being largely supported by taxes, I understand the historical basis of it and I think it would be hard to change. In any case, I like having a monarchy because they remind me of the long line of monarchs going back in history and I like being reminded of the ways in which country and culture was shaped. I’ll take democracy over monarchy as a basis for government any day of the week, though.

About this blog


I’m a student of English at the University of Copenhagen, a writer of fiction that is yet to be published, a proud Anglophile, history nerd, lover of literature and language, and an average 20-year old girl. I used to have a blog at Blogspot, but blogger glitched and my blog was deleted so here I am, writing my new blog.

This blog is intended as a research blog, as a motivator to get me to write on days where the words refuse to flow, and as an encouragement on the days where they won’t stop coming. However, as blogs are wont to, it’ll probably end up a big old mess. I started up my old blog in the attempt of categorising and organising my research, and thankfully I didn’t have years and years of back-catalogue to lose from Blogger’s glitching, so that is what you will mainly be seeing here.

Though I’m an anglophile and though I love all things Britain, I’ll mainly be focusing on the history of the Northern European regions of Scandinavia and Northern Germany here on this blog. The novel I am attempting to finish takes place in Renaissance Denmark, and Renaissance Denmark was a place that was supremely influenced by the German language and the Nothern German principalities.

Though my blog is new, and though I am relatively new to blogging about things that are not my life, I will hope that you will enjoy my writings and that you will drop me a comment or three, so we can have us a chat about history, writing, literature or whatever you fancy!



What about you?