The End.

It should be clear to any regular readers of this blog (did I ever have any?) that I have neither the energy nor the interest in updating this blog these days. This is due in part to school, where I’m happily kept busy with about 2 years to go until the end of my degree, and in part by shifting interests. While I’m still interested in history and while I still read historical fiction, my interests have changed a lot and what initially kept this blog focused, is no longer that much on my mind these days.

Occassionally, I get comments on old posts and I barely have any interest in following the links WP kindly provides in the email. I think that’s a pretty clear indicator that this particular blog is no longer for me, and that perhaps longform blogging is just not in the cards while studying nursing full-time.

And mainly because of this, I’ve made the decision to officially end this blog. I might make it private so that I can keep the archive, I might keep it up so that the archive is still public but shut off comments, I might some day delete the whole thing.

Thank you so much to everyone who read and commented during the time I was active. It was fun while it lasted!

Concerning Government

I'll stop posting the Coat of Arms someday, but today is not that day.

I run this here blog, which focuses largely on royalty, royal life and other things connected to royal life in Denmark.

Wait, does that mean I’m a monarchist? I hope I don’t contradict myself when I say no, no, no. I’m interested in the history of monarchy and especially in the history of people affected by monarchy and double especially by the women marrying into the next-highest post in the land. I believe that to form an image of these women, especially the ones I some day fantasize writing about (we can all dream, eh) it is immensely useful to understand their time and the mode of life they married into.

To understand, or to begin to understand, women like Caroline Mathilde, Leonora Christina, Sophie Magdalene and many, many more one must form an overview of the symbols they surrounded themselves by, the politics their husbands defined (or helped to define), the bad times and the good times they lived through, the religion they practised.

There are periods of time that interest me more than others. I’m not particularly interested in the Middle Ages when it comes to the monarchy. I’m in love with the Northern Renaissance and the Reformation. I love the 18th century queens, if for nothing else, then their fashion. Yes, my love for history was kindled by historical fashion. I’ll write about these things, because, well, I like doing so.

But the modern state of Danish (now constitutional) monarchy holds little interest to me. I’ll watch a good wedding or baptism, because of the pretty, pretty jewels and clothes, but I would never, ever want them to be any more than figureheads. I’m not really conflicted about their livestyle being largely supported by taxes, I understand the historical basis of it and I think it would be hard to change. In any case, I like having a monarchy because they remind me of the long line of monarchs going back in history and I like being reminded of the ways in which country and culture was shaped. I’ll take democracy over monarchy as a basis for government any day of the week, though.