10,001 gentlemen callers

I’ve been checking the blog stats a little obsessively these past couple of days. The reason for my obsessiveness has been the fact that the stats have crept increasingly closer to 10,000 and while it may not seem like much it is a Big Dealto this here blogger.

And here’s your prooof!


Including a portrait of the lovely Louise Augusta. I love the colouring I managed to coax fromt he usually very drab photo of the portrait.

It’s all go from here. I’ve got blog posts queued up for your enjoyment. They should start posting over the next couple of days.

In the meantime, I hope all of my readers have a lovely weekend!

About this blog


I’m a student of English at the University of Copenhagen, a writer of fiction that is yet to be published, a proud Anglophile, history nerd, lover of literature and language, and an average 20-year old girl. I used to have a blog at Blogspot, but blogger glitched and my blog was deleted so here I am, writing my new blog.

This blog is intended as a research blog, as a motivator to get me to write on days where the words refuse to flow, and as an encouragement on the days where they won’t stop coming. However, as blogs are wont to, it’ll probably end up a big old mess. I started up my old blog in the attempt of categorising and organising my research, and thankfully I didn’t have years and years of back-catalogue to lose from Blogger’s glitching, so that is what you will mainly be seeing here.

Though I’m an anglophile and though I love all things Britain, I’ll mainly be focusing on the history of the Northern European regions of Scandinavia and Northern Germany here on this blog. The novel I am attempting to finish takes place in Renaissance Denmark, and Renaissance Denmark was a place that was supremely influenced by the German language and the Nothern German principalities.

Though my blog is new, and though I am relatively new to blogging about things that are not my life, I will hope that you will enjoy my writings and that you will drop me a comment or three, so we can have us a chat about history, writing, literature or whatever you fancy!



What about you?

A New Beginning

My old blog historiful.blogspot.com found its untimely demise this morning when I awoke to find that Blogger had deleted it for no apparent reason. While I was banging my head against the wall, and writing angry e-mails to Blogger, I made a vow to myself to never use Blogger again.

And here we are on WordPress, with the same lovely url and even though I find the WordPress dashboard slightly confusing I am sure I will grow accustomed to it in no time. I’m thankful that I at least hadn’t blogged for years and years on my other blog, because if I had lost years of back-catalogue I’d be more devastated than words could probably express. But alas, I had not and I’m hoping to recreate the few posts I had up on the other blog here over the next couple of days.

I’ll explain a bit about who I am and what my purpose for this blog is in the next post.

And please bear with me while the dust settles, I still have themes to settle on and customisation to be undertaken~